(even if you're not "naturally self disciplined!")
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I consumed 17 best selling books on habits, willpower & self-discipline...
And I'm passing on the lessons to you in this 6-Part Online Course!

How to get CLEAR on your desired habits

Get clear on what habits you want to delete, which you want to start, and what kind of person you want to become!

Brain HACKS for faster habit adoption

Once you know how and why your brain forms habits, you can hack that process to help you break old ones, and form new ones faster!

Tips for dealing with EMOTIONS

Emotions make easy things hard... so how can you make them support your good habits instead of your bad ones?

Going beyond habits to a new IDENTITY

Identity is the difference between "no thanks, I'm trying to quit" and "no thanks, I'm not a smoker." 

So I processed all that, & THIS IS WHAT I BUILT...

This 6-Part Online Course gives you
what you need to finally take charge of your habits, so you can finally form habits that support your deepest values, and become the person your family needs you to be even if you've never been the "naturally self-disciplined" kind of person!
  • 6 In-Depth Video Sessions
  • 45 pages of content & note taking space!
  • Exercises & processing questions for all 6 Sessions!
  • Better memory (you remember more when you write it down!)
  • The ability to review as you transform your habits (you remember 70% more when you write AND review!)
  • Principles gleaned from 17 books on habits, self-discipline & willpower.
2021 Should be your year to FINALLY BREAK SOME OLD HABITS!!
This course can help. I can't break the habits for you... 
but I can point you in the right direction, and give you the tools and content you need to finally take charge of your habits!

Here's what others are saying:

Andrew Dahler review of Habits Masterclass
Loving the class! Planning on going through with my wife, then going to share the material with my Sunday school class. Already implementing the information and seeing a difference! 
- Andrew Dahler
I am working my way through this masterclass and can already recommend it to you! I’ve worked as a pastor, counselor, and substance abuse counselor. Darrell has done a tremendous job putting this practical content together. It combines the wisdom of multiple leaders and experts and filters it all through the Word of God. It is well worth the investment! 
- Matthew Lee

But that's not all! Check out this BONUS CONTENT:

  • VIDEO 1: From habits to routines 
  • VIDEO 2: Tech Tools that Boost your Habits Instead of Breaking Them
  • VIDEO 3: The Power of Checklists
  • VIDEO 4: How to Transform Negative Emotions
  • VIDEO 5: Prevent Anxiety From Derailing Your Habits
  • Interview: An Interview that Changed My Life, with Rick Grubbs, Time Management Expert
  • PDF: 101 Questions to Help you Use Time Wisely
  • ​PDF: 1 Key Takeaway from All 17 Habits Books
  • DEMO: How I Do My Morning Routine with a Large Family
  • WORKSHEET: Build a Morning Routine
  • VIDEO: Create a Morning Routine in 7 Steps
  • PDF: My Morning Routine Sample

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  • ​PDF Workbook (Value: $47)
  • 6 Bonus video sessions (Value: $119)
  • ​Worksheets & Demos (Value: $39)
  • ​Interview & Worksheets (Value: $39)

Total Value: $449

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This class goes away on JANUARY 30th at 11:59PM CST...
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